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So About that Detox...


(we promise, you'll love the results!!)

About 3-7 days after starting your Bionova regimen you might start to notice your skin acting up. We are here to assure you: this. is. totally. normal. 

Due to the nature of the bioactive ingredients found within our patented Nano-Complexes™, skin can temporarily go through a cleansing process when Bionova products are first introduced into ones daily skincare routine. This is the skin going through the process of cellular regeneration our products are designed to stimulate. While this may initially cause skin to appear aggravated (temporary redness, flakiness, dryness, etc.)– it also means that underneath, a balanced layer of healthy replacement cells is rapidly forming so...

BE PATIENT! This is an action, not a reaction!

The transformational process can take anywhere from eight-to-fourteen days. Once complete, your skin appearance will be healthy and refreshed, bright with our trademark BIONOVA glow. 

During this time we ask that you stick to your Bionova routine as much as possible. Avoid using any abrasive scrubs or products containing heavy artificial fragrances or alcohol. If necessary, a thin layer of Aquaphor, Homeoplasmine, Calendula, or similar ointment can be used sparingly at night to get you through this period (just be aware that these occlusives can also be comedogenic!).

If for some reason your transformation is taking a little longer than usual or you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out via email using the "contact us" page or call us (M-F 10 AM-6 PM EST). We want to make sure that all of our Bionova beauties are progressing along as pleasantly as possible and we know that this period can be especially difficult (but we promise you, it's worth it!).